Labor & Postpartum

Things have changed, and so will I!

COVID-19 has put a damper on in-person labor and postpartum support! So I'm here to tell you that you still have options! As a doula, I'm here to provide a support system for pregnant, birthing, and postpartum families!

I aim to provide physical comfort, emotional balance, and comprehensive knowledge to help you make the most informed decisions for YOUR birth, YOUR needs, and YOUR values and priorities in mind.

Despite the current challenging times where not much physical comfort can be given,  I still have the desire and willingness to offer the remaining pillars of doula support ---> emotional and informational!

With my virtual services, I'll 100% still be there for you!


Virtual Prenatal Package

  • Birth Planning: Together we will discuss your birth preferences, pain relief options, and plans for medical decision making in labor.  I will provide you with an individualized written birth preference document for you to review. 

  • Labor Strategy Session: During this session, we will practice comfort measures, coping techniques, labor positions, and other strategies for managing each stage of labor that fits your needs, priorities, and concerns.

Virtual Postpartum Package

During our time together we will cover various topics such as:

  • Feeding baby 101 (the basics of breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle feeding)

  •  Addressing any challenges

  • Pain relief options (if applicable),

  • Goals you wish to achieve.

  • Caring for your postpartum body

  • Baby soothing techniques

  • Family bonding tips

  • Local resources that you need or want 

  • Baby blues vs Postpartum Depression

I'm no therapist, but I still have ears! I am ready to provide an open space for you to freely voice your thoughts.

I also strongly encourage others involved in your postpartum journey to join our conversation. I will provide you with information that best suits your needs and wants.