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This is your journey!

Your labor, birth and 4th trimester should be a memory that bring you peace, empowerment and joy!

Viv is here to provide support throughout their labor, birth, and postpartum also known as the fourth trimester, so that they may be fully present for their baby;

For labor and birth support, Viv will encourage and help the birthing person to rediscover their strength within their pregnancy. Reminding them that they are powerful & that their body is meant to do this! As well as helping them to find a balance between their mind and body.

For Postpartum support, Viv will provide emotional, physical, and home support while educating the parents (or others involved) on techniques that increase comfort for the birthing person, the baby, and the household.

The end goal for this amazing journey is to create a smooth transition that allows healing, connection, knowledge, and confidence.



Happily Serving SouthEast Michigan

Viv is an energetic Mama of two, who always had the desire to support others! 

Her passion for strengthening birthing individuals simply comes from her admiration of the changes that occur in the midst of birth and postpartum.

One of Viv's priorities when providing support is for individuals to look back on their experience and feel calm, joyful, and overall powerful from what they put their mind to and allowed their body to do! Whether it's a memory of their labor/birth or postpartum journey.


Her end goal is to confidently prepare the birthing person and partners not only for the birth but for the changes that'll happen afterward!